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Almost everyone at some point in time will need in-home care. Over the last several years, as hospitals have had to work much harder to reduce the costs of hospitalization for patients, clinics providing in-home care have picked up the slack. Research shows that when a person who is able to be released from the hospital or nursing facility receives in-home care post-admission, readmission rates drop.

The positive results from acute hospitalizations are beginning to change the way that we think about long term care. Hospitals love this idea because it does reduce costs for patients and decreases readmission rates, reducing costs for hospitals. Patients are actually safer recovering at home rather than in a hospital where the risk of infection jumps exponentially.

Already, in-home care service facilities are springing up all over the place. We know how unique facilities like ours are in our area. For those same reasons, we envisioned a way to provide the same high quality of care for special needs adults that they would receive at a top facility. That trend is showing up across the country now.

Signs You Might Need In-Home Care

Many of the studies that we looked at dealt specifically with the elderly who share similar challenges with special needs adults. Whether it’s diminishing cognitive abilities or physical capabilities, special needs adults need more help with daily activities than around the clock medical care.

As long as they have someone who can cook for them, take them shopping, help them get bathed, and keep the house tidy, their quality of life stays high which leads to healthier outcomes – but of course, we are talking about $20,000 a year. So when should you start thinking about hiring in-home care?

First and foremost, when injuries occur as a result of a disability, it is time to think about in-home care, at least part-time. Falls, fires, and car accidents are all signs that it is time to think about hiring someone to assist with daily living.

Another sign is when a special needs adult stops eating regularly or is eating only hot dogs every day for example because they don’t have the ability or energy to cook anything else. If they are walking around in dirty clothes or are themselves dirty and smelly because they aren’t able to clean themselves on their own, it’s time to start looking at in-home care services.

Reasons Health Outcomes Improve with In-Home Care

Think about how bad it feels when you are sweaty and anxious to get cleaned up. Special needs adults who don’t have help often have to sit in their mess sometimes for days. Cleanliness makes you feel better and it makes them feel better too.

In-home care leads to better outcomes in part because of the hygiene factor. Not just personal hygiene assistance but housekeeping also keeps the living environment healthier leading to better outcomes. Food alone can save lives and dramatically reduce the chances of readmission to a hospital for someone suffering from diminished capabilities.

Special needs adults may not be able to safely prepare their own meals. Having in-home care both ensures that they are eating well every day as well as taking their medicines or doing their exercises. Over time, that will help special needs adults become more independent by understanding their limitations and having someone to help them complete those tasks.

Nervous drivers are dangerous drivers. Many special needs adults drive but it can be anxiety inducing for some. Having someone who will safely drive you where you need to go makes special needs adults safer along with everyone else on the road.

Just being there in case of an emergency is comforting for special needs adults. All of these things lead to better health comes and appears to be the future of health care for the special needs community.

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