Who Do You Love? Let Us Know – Employee of the Month Nominations Start Jan. 1!

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Tomorrow starts our new Employee of the Month initiative! We begin accepting nominations on January 1 for the best employee of the month. Is there a staff member at Hands from Heaven whose winning personality and friendly disposition has made your days here with us great? That’s what we are looking for! We want to… Read more »

Say Happy Holidays by Lending a Helping Hand!

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Our motto at Hands from Heaven is “lending a helping hand.” Now that the holiday season is coming to an end, it is important to remember that those in need are still all around us. Christmas is the season to be sharing and caring but what about the other 364 days of the year? We… Read more »

Who Needs In-Home Care?

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Almost everyone at some point in time will need in-home care. Over the last several years, as hospitals have had to work much harder to reduce the costs of hospitalization for patients, clinics providing in-home care have picked up the slack. Research shows that when a person who is able to be released from the… Read more »

Is In-Home Care Too Expensive? What to Expect

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Seniors aren’t the only ones who could use in-home care. Many special needs adults face the same challenges that the elderly face when they are trying to maintain their independence. Many of the studies about seniors and in-home care apply to special needs adults too. For one example, nearly 90% of seniors say that they… Read more »

In-Home Care Reduces Re-admissions New Research Shows

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Costs are only part of the reason why researchers are now pointing to basic home care needs that can be provided on a temporary basis are better for patients’ chances for recovery. Particularly for patients who are covered by Medicare or Medicaid, food insecurity and “lack of access to nutritious food” are the reasons why… Read more »