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Hands from Heaven is a full-service adult day care provider so we want to make sure that we are covering all of our members’ needs. In that spirit, we’ve just taken our transportation services up a notch. We are now providing escort transportation too! Learn what this means and why it is so important.

We already offer transportation services that cover the gamut from taking members to and from doctor’s appointments to taking them to the grocery store. But have you ever heard of a transportation escort? It’s our newest addition to our transportation services and a crucial one for our people who need more than just a ride somewhere.

Door-through-Door Escort Transportation

Many special needs adults like the ones that we care for at Hands from Heaven have physical challenges that go beyond being able to maneuver a vehicle. Up until now, we’ve offered certified drivers to pick up prescriptions, take members to social activities, pick patients up when they are discharged from the hospital, and more. But some need help before they even get in the vehicle – that’s where our transportation escorts come in.

Basically, a transportation escort rides along with the driver to help those being picked up prepare for their journey. That can mean helping to carry bags in and out of the car. It can mean help getting to the vehicle and around places where they are driven. It can also mean helping our members to put on their shoes or fill out paperwork or even act as a patient advocate at appointments.

Imagine a stroke victim who struggles to communicate and walk. Getting them to the appointment is only part of the battle. Once they are there, they may need someone to help communicate on their behalf with attendees and doctors, cashiers and pharmacists, whom all may struggle to understand them.

Some of our special needs adults are dealing with developmental disabilities like Autism where something may trigger an episode while driving from one point to the next. Drivers can’t assist those patients and drive at the same time. The transportation escort is there to help take care of passengers so that the driver can focus on driving and their charges can remain safe and secure.

For patients like that, there are four different levels of transportation escort services according to a report issued in 2005 for people who need what they term “door-through-door” escort services. Those levels are:

  • “Gentle Support: Opening doors and providing verbal guidance.”
  • “Physical Support: Providing physical support for the rider to assist with balance, assist in climbing steps or performing similar functions. This support may include delivering the rider to an attendant at the destination who then takes over the task of personal support and assistance. This “handoff” function is sometimes called “hand-to-hand” or “chair-to-chair” service.”
  • “Activity Support: The driver or escort stays with the rider and helps with the activity at the destination. For example, the driver or escort may assist the rider inside a grocery store, help the rider understand a doctor’s instructions or diagnosis or serve as an advocate for the rider’s travel needs.”
  • “Personal Support: The driver or escort may help the rider put on coats, shoes or boots, and help by putting away groceries in the rider’s home. Some drivers or escorts are, or become, friends of the rider and offer emotional or other personal support.”

Many special needs adults use public transportation to get around. Without someone there to help them on and off of buses or in and out of vans, it can be an extreme burden. Those people tend to become more and more withdrawn, isolating themselves because they can no longer easily move around.

By providing escort transportation services for those who need it to go along with our general transportation services, we hope to help our community’s special needs adults regain their independence. As part of our ongoing effort to make life easier and more fulfilling for special needs adults, we are proud to offer this new service to our members.

Driver plus Transportation Escort

These days, people have many more options for getting around. There’s Uber and Lyft, senior or disabled adult transportation, and public transportation. Those options are great for people who don’t struggle with environmental triggers or physical tremors so bad that they can’t even put on their own shoes.

For many, it is necessary to have a driver plus an escort while they’re being driven from one place to another. This frees up the driver to focus on getting everyone to their destinations safely while members are still being well attended.

Some transportation escorts oversee a van full of passengers while others are co-pilots assisting individual members to and from their destinations. There are a variety of reasons why and when a person may need a transportation escort. Most importantly it is crucial for improving the quality of life for special needs adults by preventing isolation and loneliness.

Ask Us About Our Transportation Escort Services!

When our members need to go grocery shopping or make it to a doctor’s appointment, they rely on our CPR and first aid certified drivers. Now in addition to our general transportation services, we will be providing full-service escort transportation; going above and beyond to lend a helping hand.

Do you or someone you know need help getting around? Ask us more about our transportation escort services! Click here for directions to our facility and follow us on our Facebook page for more information!

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