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Seniors aren’t the only ones who could use in-home care. Many special needs adults face the same challenges that the elderly face when they are trying to maintain their independence. Many of the studies about seniors and in-home care apply to special needs adults too.

For one example, nearly 90% of seniors say that they would rather be home than in a nursing home or hospital “while aging.” We know this because of the surge of seniors retiring and moving into their twilight years. In fact, there will be twice as many seniors in 20 years than there are today. Because of that, experts in healthcare are trying to figure out the best way to care for seniors as they age.

In-Home Care Keeps Special Needs Adults Safer

In the course of researching this subject, we realized that the needs of seniors are practically identical to adults living with Autism, Down syndrome, and physical disabilities. MetLife’s Mature Market Institute recently conducted a survey in conjunction with the National Alliance for Caregiving and NY Medical College and found that there are an estimated 10 million working age adults (age 50 years or older) caring for an aging parent. That is three times the number of adults who were giving home care to an aging parent just 15 years ago.

One of the reasons adult children are moving their elderly parents in with them (or moving in with their parents) is to help them live longer. Americans have an average lifespan that is 11 years longer than it was 60 years ago (79 on average). There are many living even longer than that – the number of Americans age 85 years old and above total around 6 million people.

At the same time, living independently is dangerous; “30% of seniors who are over 65 years of age have a fall accident every year.” A bad fall is one of the most likely causes of sudden death for those 65 and older. For many, those falls result in permanent disability. Suddenly, caring for their daily needs requires more help than most working adults can provide every day. In order to make sure that their loved ones are safe many are turning to in-home care providers for help.

How Much Does In-Home Care Cost?

Frankly, there is no flat cost for in-home care. Every person will require different levels of care. Some will need 24 hour care but only on a temporary basis. Some will only need care for certain hours of the day while others will need daily full-time care long term. Those things will factor the most in how expensive in-home care services will be.

Also, where you live determines how much you’ll pay for in-home care. According to a survey reported by Consumer Reports, generally speaking, for full-time in-home care, you will pay close to $50,000 per year. That’s for a 40+ hour work week and is the same for both medical in-home care and non-medical in-home care.

Like most service providers, you’ll pay more for overnight and evening care, weekends, holidays, etc. If you need a home healthcare aide who is certified with particular medical expertise – physical therapy, nursing, counseling, etc. – you will pay more. And if you live far out in a rural area which includes rural or remote states, you will pay more.

Adult Day Care is the Most Affordable Option

At the end of the day, it turns out that out of all of the options, what we do at Hands from Heaven is the most affordable option. Most in-home care providers are hired to take care of non-medical daily chores like errands, personal care, transportation, shopping, meal preparation, housekeeping, etc.

In addition to the added safety, comfort, and convenience of in-home care, special needs and elderly adults have someone that they can talk to on a daily basis which has enormous mental and emotional benefits. Adult day care helps expose special needs adults to other people in similar circumstances. It helps them to get out and socialize which adds to the emotional benefits of daily care from a professional.

Even homecare aides who are not certified nurses are able to make sure that those in their charge take their medicine when they are supposed to, that they eat when they need to, and that someone is there to provide and seek help if, God forbid, a bad fall does happen. Better than that, they are there to help make sure that those falls don’t happen!

For the same 40 hour week of in-home care, you will pay less than half of that for adult day care according to the survey conducted by Genworth. On average, adult day care costs just over $18,000 per year. For that money, special needs adults get the attention and care that they need along with the emotional benefits of socializing with others. Short term in-home care is covered by Medicare and Medicaid, but long term in-home care is not. Most have to pay for that out-of-pocket.

By far, adult day care is a fraction of the costs for in-home care which can max out at around $240 per day or nursing home care and assisted living which can go anywhere from $375 a day to over $1,200. Fortunately, some adult day care programs can be paid for through Medicare and Medicaid.

Paying for In-Home Care

If in-home care is your only option, there are ways to at least cut some of the costs. If you are fortunate enough to have saved enough or have relatives (children) well off enough to afford about $4,000 per month, then you have nothing to worry about. You can afford the best in-home care possible.

But for most people, you will likely face a combination of out of pocket expenses, covered care, and perhaps even donations from a GoFundMe campaign or a non-profit like AARP. Veterans can find additional benefits through the Veterans Administration (VA).

To find out what benefits are available to you where you live, we found two good resources for you. First, when you go to you will fill out a questionnaire that asks several questions about the person in need of care and based on your answers it will pop out a list of resources and government programs available to you.

A non-profit, was created by the National Council on Aging and is geared specifically toward seniors. This is a great resource for those living with special needs and who are now senior citizens to find money to help pay for quality in-home or adult day care services.

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